How can we daily help and follow enterprise managers and activity managers with IT tool?

Analyze needs for adapted solutions

  • Provide help to manager in his needs analyze to choose the right solutions
  • Benchmark the enterprise to determine if its IT tools provide the expected add value.
  • Clarify IT landscape to include the future potential needs and define the right IT scope to implement.

Help Enterprise to understand Technology add value

  • Demonstrate the benefits of Technology in enterprise domains.
  • Show the potential IT add-value in enterprise objectives and startegy.
  • Build low-cost mock-up to demonstrate the potential benefits to implement new IT tools.

Recommend options for their add-value

  • Compose specification documents for call for tenders to explain the targeted add-value.
  • Focus solutions research on enterprise needs and expected add-value.
  • Help enterprise to analyze solutions proposed by providers face to enterprise objectives.