How to get the good equipment? How to find the right tools for the company activities? How to choose the good computing solutions?


Answer : by defining needs with a good IT specifications


Although the answer seems simple, the exercise itself can be difficult and complex to operate.

In any cases, editing and writing IT specification fllows a precise process.

Project scoping

It's a real project that requests a clear definition:

  • Project objectives
  • Project scope
  • Sponsors and attendees
Project Scoping

A process

The process follows 4 phases:

  • Collection
  • Analysis
  • Specification
  • Validation


General process


Solinfield expertise

Solinfield masters the topic and proposes 2 kinds of service:

  • 2 days of training that allow you to master this activity. This training can be adapted toyour need and include user cases that allow to build a company template. See the training program


  • A professional service to support you in your IT specifications


Contact us and we'll study your needs with attention.