Face-to-face | Les relations contractuelles entre la DSI, ses clients et ses fournisseurs

Before finding a sub-contractor to provide IT solutions, you need to specify your needs completly, determine the add-value for enterprise activities, master the risks and manage an intelligent integration in your IT environment : This is what you have to describe in the IT specifications.

There are a lot of IT specifications examples which are uncomplete or badly written that generate misunderstanding and disputes between client and provider.

This training course describes all operations that need to be done to edit and write good IT specifications.


Training session program

  1. General approach

  • Impact of bad requirements

  • Project scoping

  • Elaboration process

  • Hierarchy

  1. Project value analysis

  • Objective and Value

  • Purpose

  • Add-Value and how to measure it

  1. Concept, value and objectives

  • Project risks

  • Project scope

  • Sponsors and attendees

  1. Planification

  • Project plan

  • Users and their needs

  • Cost and dead-line

  • Ressources

  • Risks during specification

  1. Current state analysis

  • How to know the current state

  1. Collection

  • "Human" phase

  • Planification / Tools

  • Collect and value

  • User profiles

  • Good practices

  1. Collection pratices

  • Group meeting

  • Interview

  • Documnetation analysis

  • Other technics
  1. Analysis

  • Steps

  • Structuration

  • Analysis technics

  • Modelling

  • Use cases

  1. Specification

  • Process

  • Formulate

  • Structuration

  • Models

  • Software quality

  • Ergonomics

  • Constraints

  1. Offer selection criteria

  2. Offers analysis board

  3. Validation

  • Steps

  • Checklists


Training for who?

  • CIO, IT Manager, Contractors manager

  • Accounts manager, Project manager









2 days


Training objectives

  • To know how to edit and write IT specifications
  • Get involvement of sponsors and attendees.

  • Needs collection organization, analysis and structuration

  • Launch call for tenders and analyze offers


Key points

  • A practical training with methodology to write IT specifications
  • Benchmarks to collect needs of enterprise

  • Good practices and real experiences

  • Models you can use and adapt in day life


Training quality

Solinfield has 30 years of experience in IT management in a lot of domains. Solinfield trainings are very appreciated by its customers