Portrait Phil



What can be better than to be consultant to help enterprises to resolve their IT topics?

More than 30 years exploring IT world, from hot-line to CIO, via development, operational maintenance and development strategy.

The vast numbers of environments I met allowed me to build a strong experience focussed on the add-value IT can provide.

But judge for yourself:

Arthur Andersen Consulting

I am hired in hot-line entity when Arthur Andersen company arrived in France and bought small enterprises to develop this new acivity quickly. I was in the package.

I did a lot of jobs and enforced my experience, mission after mission.

State-certified Engineer in night school

To perfect me and evoluate in my job, I decided to follow night courses for several years. I got my IT engineering degree when I was 35 at CNAM (Paris).

And the mission follow one after another...

I always liked IT, not for IT itself but for the result we can get in a domain or another, improving the professional processes and helping any one to get better practices in all environments I met.

So I :

  • developed the first stock exchange transmission by satellite in Paris to improve and reinforce stock exchange transactions.
  • developed flight measure systems for nationale meterology agency.
  • maintained Unix systems for civil and military satellite development plateforms.
  • participated to the first Airbus A320 aircraft computers
  • develop checking processes for IT systems following and controling Ariane rocket in French Guyana Space port.
  • developed a grapic system to follow Ariane 4 rocket.
  • drived the ISO 9000 certification for a company agency.
  • managed the Y2K compliance for 6.000 working computers for 4 sites of Alcatel company.
  • managed and implement new e-learning systems for 12 mediteraean countries for a European Comission project.
  • was CIO of Grenoble Graduate School of Business and totaly rebuilt the Information System for 5.000 users and 80 nationalities.
  • managed fully in English IT migration projects for international brands, all over the world.

But if you want to know all details, ask me and I will be happy to send my CV.